Commercial Pavement Services

Century Traffic is a full-service highway and roadway pavement marking company with expertise in every aspect of pavement marking and line painting. In fact, we have been around longer than any of our competitors and are able to leverage our experience because many of the Century Traffic team members have over 40 years in the pavement marking industry enabling us to service any and all jobs with the best practices.

Since 1969, Century Traffic has been working diligently to service our highway and roadway customers successfully completing striping jobs, large and small, throughout the U.S. The longevity and continued success of Century Traffic is due to the trust our customers have placed in us and our devoted employees who work tirelessly to serve our customers every day. Throughout our tenure, we have grown to have four convenient locations in the Midwest to respond to our customers’ needs quickly.

Commercial pavement marking products for all public & private jobs

Paint From a parking lot, to temporary traffic control, to airports, Century Traffic provides top-notch service with our knowledge and experience in the pavement line paint industry.

Epoxy Century Traffic has state of the art trucks to efficiently install the pavement markings on large highways as well as county and city roads of all sizes. Century Traffic prepares the concrete or asphalt surface by ensuring it is a clean surface and puts down the epoxy at the exact temperature to ensure a successful installation.

Wet Reflective Epoxy Wet Reflective Epoxy enhances the safety of our roadways by providing much clearer lines at night and during inclement weather.

Tape Tape is a popular product throughout the Midwest because of its visibility features during inclement weather and its visibility during the night hours.

Thermoplastic Thermoplastic is heated to 450 degrees to liquefy, then bonds to the upper surface of the pavement as it cools to the air temperature, forming a thermal bond.

Grooving Century Traffic uses groovers to create grooves in the road to prevent snow plows from scraping up the pavement markings and reducing the wear and tear of vehicles driving over the markings.

Specialty Work Century Traffic works on special pavement marking needs for companies. Reach out to request a pavement quote to see if we can provide what you need.

At Century Traffic we are committed and focused on providing our customers with the best commercial pavement marking services and experience. We are constantly working with industry leaders on testing and developing the next generation of pavement markings.

We build all of our equipment in-house to ensure we are able to provide you with the best and most efficient installation process. As everyone in the construction industry knows, equipment inevitably breaks, but at Century Traffic we differentiate ourselves by our ability to fix equipment on-site to minimize the downtime of broken equipment when time is of the essence.

Century Traffic is committed to safety. We have safety management personnel and employee training programs in place to keep the roadways safe at all times. Century Traffic foremen are experts in traffic layout and detour processing, making essential traffic control, safe and convenient for the public.

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