Century Traffic has specialized in grooving asphalt and concrete to help prolong the life span of the pavement markings that help keep our roads safe. We are a full-service highway and roadway marking company with expertise and the largest fleet of trucks and the greatest manpower in the Midwest to accomplish your time-sensitive projects to limit traffic congestion. If your team is looking for more information about how we can help or need some grooving pavement marking work done, contact us to see how we can help.

What is Grooving?

Century Traffic uses groovers to create grooves in the road to prevent snow flows and other machinery from scraping up the pavement markings during the winter months.

We have invested in state-of-the-art grooving equipment that allows us to groove roadways for our customers with the best service and outcome in the grooving industry.

We always adhere to the specification of the DOT and typically groove the markings into the surface of the road and/or highway that we are working on.

Benefits of Grooving

The work of grooving for pavement markings might have the overall process take a bit longer but it’s better to spend the time upfront for lasting results.

While grooving does a great job of protecting the pavement markings during the winter months from snowplows, it has also been a great solution to having brighter pavement markings for high rainfall or flooding roadways.

While you want to have high-performing and durable pavement markings in areas with more flooding or still water, these normally come at a higher cost to replace when damaged. Grooving has helped eliminate the need to repair or replace these higher-performing pavement markings as often as you normally would.

Work Case

We had the privilege of being able to work on the pavement markings at the intersection of East Ave. & Sunset Ave. in Waukesha, WI. It is an area that had high volumes of snowplows during the winter which had the original pavement markings wearing away pretty quickly. Instead of just replacing the original ones, we first created a groove to place the markings in to keep them there for a longer time period.

The great thing about using groves for a project like these new bike path pavement markings is that it’s an important piece to keeping riders safe on the road that we know will stay in place compared to just the usual path pavement markings you normally see.

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